Wedding Party

Jessica Langford

Maid of Honor

Jessica and I have been friends since K-Garten! She is my soul sister and I am so lucky to have had her in my life all this time and all the years to come. When I think about my friendship with Jess, I can't help but smile. We just get each other. You should most likely expect a live rendition of a Mariah Carey song at the Reception... so make sure your socks are secure.

Marshawn Morla


Marshawn and I met when I starting working at Amador Eye Care in 2007. She pulled my chair out from under me and we quickly became besties. We have been through it all together and always seem to find a way back to each other, personally and professionally. When I think about our friendship, I can't help but laugh. We seem to do a lot of that. You should expect a live rendition of "If I could turn back time" or some air fiddle playing to "The devil went down to Georgia" at the reception. Again, make sure your socks are secured.

Jessica Watson


Jessica and I have also been friends since our days back in Mrs. Kirkpatrick's K-Garten class! She is one of my dearest friends and I can't imagine life without her in it. She is one of the most focused and passionate humans I know, never letting anything get in the way of her goals or beliefs. It's the thing I love most about her. You should expect to see the "Boot Scootin Boogie" like you've never seen it before. Do they make suspenders for socks?

Wendy Mathis


Wendy and I met when I was born. She is my big sissy and an amazing friend of mine. Of course, growing up we had our moments, but I wouldn't trade her for the world. She has shown me what it is like to be an awesome wife and mom and I couldn't be happier to have her here to guide me as I start my own journey. You should expect to see Cody in between this sister sandwich on the dance floor at the reception. Don't worry, I think he likes it.

Jenni Bradley


I was lucky enough to gain another big sister when our parents got married when I was 5 years old. What can I say about my sister? She is hardworking, motivated, an amazing wife and mom, an all around beautiful person to have in my life. Oh, and she loves to drink wine with me! You should expect to see us rocking out to Bon Jovi or the like at the reception, so you're welcome :)

Venissa Morse


I met V through Marshawn quite a few years ago, but it wasn't until we started working together a couple years ago that we really forged a bond that I don't ever want to be without. V is sunshine in a mason jar. She is one of the most positive people that I have ever met and I like to think that I am better because of her. You should expect a Janis Joplin duet from the two of us at the reception. I guess my friends and I love to sing and dance. :)

Natasha Ballew


Tasha and I met when I started working at the Rancheria. She thought I didn't like her at first, but that couldn't have been farther from the truth. Tasha has the most beautiful soul and I just can't imagine my life without her in it. She also has really good taste in music. And wine. I look forward to our talks together no matter what they are about and our weekend evening texts. ;) You should expect to see us stomping our heels off to Cody Jinks or Chris Stapleton at the reception so watch your toes.
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